Abbey Grove Care Home
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Fire Safety

The home has a modern Fire Alarm System fitted, with “Fire Exit Notices” and “Fire Emergency Instruction Notices” displayed at strategic points throughout the home, as advised by the local “Fire Department”.

Staff are instructed during induction training with regard to the Fire Prevention/Drills Policy this includes use of the homes fire appliances, evacuation, muster points, raising the alarm, etc.  Residents are informed of the emergency procedure during admission.

The Fire Alarms are tested weekly. Fire drills which involve evacuation of the home are carried out minimum twice a year or whenever a new resident arrives or a new employee commences employment. This ensures all staff and residents have a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities.

All fire systems and alarms will be tested weekly by Management of the home. Records are kept of all such testing as part of the Proprietor/Managers responsibilities.

All fire fighting equipment will be checked annually by a qualified fire extinguisher maintenance engineer.

Where possible, furniture, fixtures and fittings must be made of fire-resistant of fire-retardant fabrics and materials.